About the Project

For DeepChange Project Ocean conservation is paramount and essential, as the Ocean is the origin of life on Earth.

The reason the Ocean is constantly being polluted and its health destroyed is mainly due to lack of education and awareness. It is DeepChange Project main objective to help educate and raise awareness of the fundamental role of the Ocean. Through teaching people and children to have an intimate relationship with the marine world we aim to give a conscience of safeguarding and protecting such an important part of earth’s life.

Beach clean ups are essential to raise awareness and be more conscious about the consequences of our actions in our daily life, then have the options of how to act about it. 

Through freediving, the connection between the underwater world and yourself, a unique way of exploring the ocean and be part of that environment.

Diana García, the founder of DeepChange Project is an Ocean lover, Oceanographer, Submersible Pilot, Freediving Instructor, Yoga Instructor and Marine Conservationist.

She believes sharing knowledge, information and her special and unique connection to the ocean can get people to understand the importance of caring and protecting it, which we know very little about.

Her Story

She grew up in Venezuela, and although her education was mainly in Caracas, her family who tried to live their life off the grid as much as possible, was based in the rainforest. As a teenager she had the privilege to spend a substantial amount of time with some of the indigenous tribes of the Orinoco river Delta in the Venezuelan Amazon area, as that was the subject of her father’s doctorate, who is an Anthropologist. Living a self-sustained life, and having nature so embedded in her DNA, Diana’s passion to protect nature and promote sustainable way of living only grew more and more over the years.

Diana did not stop with the dry part of the Earth, but also developed great passion for the ocean. For this reason, she decided to study Marine and Environmental Sciences in Spain, and after dedicating 6 years to it in college, she completed a double degree. She then went to work in the Spanish Oceanographic Institute for a few months and then decided to move to Costa Rica where she expected to live closer to nature.


Accomplishing one of her childhood dreams, Diana became a deep water submersible pilot, the first woman pilot to operate a research submersible down to 1500 ft in the remote Cocos Island off the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Combining her scientific background and skills, brought her to successful collaborations with scientists, writing scientific papers and organizing databases and valuable information collected with the submarine.

Diana’s childhood experience, together with her formal Scientific instruction, brought her to believe that the best way to bring change, is to educate adults but specially kids, for the respect and love of nature, is the key to achieve the change the world needs.

Discovering the freediving universe, another incredible way to explore the ocean. She started her freediving levels in Ecuador, then moved to South Africa and Moçambique where she trained for months by the hands of Pure Apnea Organization. Finished the Instructor course in Indonesia and stayed there for almost 4 years.  Finding a passion for teaching, she continues to changing the lives of those who enter the freediving world. 


Submersible Pilot

Master Freediving Instructor

Yoga Instructor

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