Oceanic Global July 20th Event

We were speakers at the Oceanic Global event the past 20th of July in Ibiza. Exposing local problems and talking about marine conservation and education. Giving solutions and tools to help the Ocean protection and conservation and asking for more political support, laws and decrees. Find about more in this link: #oceanlove #beinvolve #ourchoicesmatter #planetocean #changethefuture#oceanawareness #bethechange #ibiza #ibiza2017 #ibizaisland #ibizatravel #underwater#underwaterworld #underwaterlife #freedive #freediving #apnea #marineconservation#marineeducation #savetheocean #noplastic #crushplastic #reducereuserecycle#posidonia @deepchangeproject @ibizagoo

Why ‘Eating Just Fish’ Still Harms the Environment

Why ‘Eating Just Fish’ Still Harms the Environment: - Commercial Fishing Practices are Harming Marine Life - Commercial Fishing is Depleting Oceans and Disrupting Ecosystems Solution: - Finding Sustainable Alternatives to Seafood. Not only because is bad for the planet, the plastic pollution and toxicity is so high that is poisonous for us. Read the full article:


A sprawling meadow of seagrass in the shallows of the Mediterranean may be the OLDEST living organisms on Earth. It provides habitat to a large diversity os species. It helps to regenerate beaches. P. oceanica is the most widespread seagrass in the Mediterranean, but populations are in global DECLINE as the meadows are damaged by trawlers, coastal development and warming waters. In the past 100 years, seagrass has declined around 10% in the region.

Gruesome pic shows mass slaughter of whales in Faroe Islands hunt

Faroe Islanders have turned the sea red after slaughtering hundreds of whales as part of a centuries-old hunt, which has been harshly criticized by animal rights groups. The hunts, or “drives” date back to the late 16th century. Authorities on the islands allow islanders to drive herds of pilot whales into shallow waters, where they are killed using a ‘spinal lance’ that is inserted through the animal’s neck to break its spinal cord. The grisly image shows a hunt on June 16. Read more about it:

Less Waste Makes for a Happy Planet: Simple Guide to Waste-Free Grocery Shopping. #ourChoicesMatter

Shopping smart, creative planning. Click here to learn more! There is nothing better than coming home to a fully stocked refrigerator. We love food and could spend days making new and delicious recipes, but in order for us to do this … we have to tackle the ever-dreaded task of going to the grocery store. Some people love food shopping excursions, but between the lines and the ubiquity of plastic containers, bags and wasteful packaging, the grocery store can become a Green Monster’s worst nightmare. We understand that our food habits have an impact on the planet and animals, so we try to be as mindful as possible when selecting what we eat to decrease our water and carbon footprint. However,

Into the Deep - Diana Garcia Benito

DIANA GREW UP ON A FARM in the middle of the jungle with no electricity, far, far away from the ocean. But she had read Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and she fantasised about being Captain Nemo, piloting the Nautilus. Fleeing the socialist revolution of Hugo Chávez, in 1996 she arrived in Spain without any money. Ten years later, after securing a double major in marine and environmental sciences, Diana now pilots submersibles to explore the deep ocean. We recently caught up with Diana in Bali where she is taking time off to become a freediving instructor. We know you will be inspired by the stories she shared with us. OG: What is it like to be a deep sea submersible pilot? Diana

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