Report: 64% of Bottled Water Is Tap Water, Costs 2000x More

Food & Water Watch explains that 64 percent of bottled water comes from municipal tap water sources in the USA. Most people also do not realize that the drinking water that they can get from their tap for a fraction of the price of bottled water actually comes with more safeguards than bottled water, since the federal government requires more rigorous safety monitoring of municipal tap water than it does of bottled water. Full article:


We all need your help! Deadline is Friday. President Trump to expand dangerous offshore drilling in the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans as well as the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Enter the link:

AOA Interview!

AOA (Asociacion de Oceanógrafos Andalucía) joins the commitment to work to end the gender gap, and support initiatives that promote greater investment in education and development to offer greater opportunities in the scientific career for Women. For this reason, they have joined in the support of the Movement # 8M. I am so honored to open the monthly interview series for AOA. Find in the link bellow the spanish version of the interview and continue reading for the english version. AOA, Thank you very mucho for all the support and kindness! INTERVIEW: Diana García Benito, oceanographer and passionate about ocean conservation. Good morning, Oceanographers! Today is March 8, International Wo

Woman's Day!

Celebrating Woman's day underwater and then watching AMA, an amazing film from an amazing woman @juliegautier.nery (worldwide premier) - . I'm ready for the (r)evolution 💙 . More info on Facebook page: .

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