Jayme Cellitioci

Jayme Cellitioci is the principal of ULU Consulting. Jayme's passion for connecting the public with science and nature has brought her to the Netherlands, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii and across the mainland US, engaging people in science-based experiences. Combining a B.S. in Psychobiology and an M.S. in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, Jayme is highly energized by the process of designing creative and transformative free-choice science learning experiences for children, adults and families.

"Ghost Sea"

Tips for a daily life without plastic: 1. Have a reusable water bottles (metal) 2. Say no to disposable cutlery or containers 3. Skip the plastic produce bags 4. Use glass jars for buying and to store food 5. Have your own shopping bags 6. No to plastic straws 7. Slow down and eat food at the places and avoid take away or have your own containers for take away 😉 .* 📷@liviofakeye * *


There are over 1,400 pits filled with toxic coal ash in the United States. And they're starting to leak into the water... #YEARSproject with Earthjustice. Check the video on the next link:

First single-use plastic free flight in the world!

In a defining moment for the sustainability of the planet, and a global first for the airline industry, the Mirpuri Foundation has announced that wet-lease carrier Hi Fly is poised to make the first-ever jet-age passenger flight with not a single-use plastic item on board. Mirpuri Foundation is the principal sustainability partner of Hi Fly.

Ocean Positivity!

Thanks to Yao Ming, killing sharks for their fins is down 50%. And he's just getting started. Ocean positivity!

Ocean plastic pollution crisis

UK ocean plastic pollution crisis: Every seal, dolphin and whale washed up on British shores had plastic in their stomachs, report says.

No to single use plastic

Grocery bags and takeout containers aren't enough. It's time to phase out all single-use plastic. Check the full article:

Use coral friendly sunscreen

Key West, Florida, bans sale of sunscreens that harm coral reefs! Are you using a coral reef friendly sunscreen?? I am!

Iceland announces plan to kill over 2,000 whales within next five years

Decision to kill whales is ‘morally repugnant’ and ‘economically bankrupt’. Despite a declining global market for whale meat and falling public support, the government opted to remain in defiance of the international ban on whaling. Check the article:

Almost 2 tonnes of illegally caught sharks and juvenile fish seized in Dubai

1,730kg of undersized fish and sharks were confiscated by inspectors and donated to charities for low-income families Read the full article here:

Plastic ballons, behind the party

-Birds that had eaten balloons 32 times more likely to die than those that hadn't eaten soft plastic -Researchers think balloon fragments may be mistaken for squid -Balloons have been found floating hundreds of kilometres out to sea Check the full article:

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