Horrifying images show Great White sharks and giant rays dying tangled up in plastic dumped in the ocean.


Read the nice interview that Night Slides Magazine did to DeepChange Project's founder, Diana Garcia Benito (her birthday today 😜). Read the full interview:

First ever high-seas conservation treaty would protect life in international waters

No flag can claim the high seas, but many nations exploit them. As a result, life in the two-thirds of the oceans beyond any country's territorial waters faces many threats that are largely unregulated, including overfishing and the emerging deep-sea mining industry. Now, nations are negotiating the first-ever high-seas conservation treaty, which the United Nations expects to finalize next year.

Mutilated dolphins wash up on French coast in record numbers

A record number of dolphins have washed up on France’s Atlantic coast in the last three months, many with devastating injures. Environmental campaigners say 1,100 mutilated dolphins have been found since January, but the real figure could be 10 times higher as many bodies sink without trace. Activists warn the marine slaughter could threaten the extinction of the European dolphin population in the region.

Microfibres at the Great Barrier Reed

Surprising new research suggests about 86 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef is contaminated with microfibres. Review th full article:

Japan resumes commercial whaling after 30 years

A small fleet of whaling vessels have caught their first whales in Japan's first commercial hunt in decades, in defiance of international criticism. "The resumption of commercial whaling has been an ardent wish for whalers across the country," the head of the agency, Shigeto Hase, said at a departure ceremony in northern Kushiro for the small fleet.

For The First Time In 17 Years: Iceland Will Not Hunt Any Whales This Summer

The lack of any real market for whale meat has prompted Iceland’s whalers to forego the hunt this season, for the first time since 2003. Read the full article:

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