The planet is facing a critical moment. Plastic is everywhere and is polluting the soil and water, is killing wildlife, causing diseases and cancer. You have the solution by stop consuming plastic, follow the "R" rules: Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle Be conscious about your plastic consumption and consequences and impacts of your daily actions. Our choices matter. 📷 @liviofakeye

Ignorance is not an excuse

Ghost fishing, bycatch, illegal fishing, trawling, whaling, marine life captivity, plastic pollution... The list is huge. Please, let's stand up and stop this madness. We have the power to be part of the change by choosing correctly what we consume. Be conscious about your impact and refuse harming the planet. 📷@liviofakeye

Ghost fishing

Fishing nets, long lines, fish traps among others are lost in the ocean, continuing fishing. Thousands of kilometres of nets that are abandoned keeps killing. Ghost fishing is one of the greatest killers of the ocean. The swim wear I'm using is made out of recycled fishing nets and other recycled polyamides. @o.cala_eco 📷@liviofakeye

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