November 1, 2019

You have the power in your hands, by choosing what and how to buy you are making a difference and creating a better present and future. 

I'm using a swimsuit made of recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets with eco-sustainable dyes - @o.cala_eco


October 27, 2019

The planet is facing a critical moment. Plastic is everywhere and is polluting the soil and water, is killing wildlife, causing diseases and cancer.

You have the solution by stop consuming plastic, follow the "R" rules:

Be conscious about your plastic consumption and consequences and impacts of your daily actions. Our choices matter.

📷 @liviofakeye

October 25, 2019

Fishing nets, long lines, fish traps among others are lost in the ocean, continuing fishing. Thousands of kilometres of nets that are abandoned keeps killing. 

Ghost fishing is one of the greatest killers of the ocean.

The swim wear I'm using is made out of recycled fishing nets and other recycled polyamides. @o.cala_eco


September 3, 2019

Second time in history that this happens!

Check more pictures and the video: 

July 1, 2019

Over half of consumers say they have reduced the amount of disposable plastic they are using in the last year, according to a report which praises the ‘Attenborough effect’.

The report claims that awareness raising initiatives over the last 12 months, including ‘David Attenborough’s acclaimed TV series Blue Planet II and Our Planet, released on Netflix on April 5th’, are having a positive impact in changing people’s behaviour. According to the study of 3,833 consumers by GlobalWebIndex into sustainable packaging in the UK and US, 42 per cent of consumers say products that use sustainable materials are important when it comes to their day-to-day purchases.

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June 15, 2019

Ocean positivism!

“Oceana thanks the court for requiring the federal government to use better science and take stronger action to protect dusky sharks in U.S. waters. It’s outrageous that this important shark has been overfished for nearly two decades due to the government’s inaction, ignoring its responsibilities under the law,” said Oceana campaign director Whitney Webber. “Thousands of sharks are incidentally caught and killed in fishing gear every year. It’s clear we need serious changes in fishing regulations to help rebuild these vulnerable sharks, including requiring hard bycatch caps, so fishing activity stops once a limit is reached.”

Read the full article:

October 13, 2018


- 90% is imported from Asia

- Shrimps are grown in filthy pool farms, full of bacterias, antibiotics, desinfectants, and pesticides (which most of them are banned in the USA)

- The pools are so crowded that shrimps die, increasing the amount of bacterias

- The eyes of the female shrimps are cut out (eye ablation) to make them breed faster as is causes them to develop mature over ease. This causes a traumatic and stressful reaction to the shrimp.

- It harms the environment with pollution and deforestation

- There is slave labor implicated in the shrimp industry. If you consume you support and feed this horrible human trafficking



Sources: @thephuketnews,,,, @be_amazedxd

August 2, 2017

Warning graphic content ⚠️ 

This is what a long liner boat looks like in Costa Rica and shark fishing, turtles, mantas... 

Illegal fishing, shark fin'a business it is still a huge problem! 
Be aware of the situation and don't contribute to this situation. Be a conscious consumer  

Sign the petition:

#nosharkfinning #noillegalfishing #consciousconsumer #nolongliners#savetheocean #forahealthyocean #oceanawareness #costarica#cocosisland #bethechange #sharks #marineconservation#marineeducation #realfacts #oceanreality 

@deepchangeproject @pretoma 
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