We care deeply about the future of our planet, trying to always reduce our negative impact to the environment. We live in a very complex society, where awareness is the key to make things better. 

This is why and how ECOVIDA STORE was born. an online store where you can find eco friendly and sustainable products, all in one site:

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Active and immediate actions can be the solution for reducing the excess waste, one thing you can easily do is reduce the plastic consumption. Plastic does not decompose ever!. Plastic doesn't decomposed, biodegrade or compost, it just breaks down into smaller plastic pieces.⁣ ⁣They don't biodegrade like organic matter, they can't be converted by living organisms into useful compounds for life. ⁣Instead they photodegrade, sun's rays photons pulverizes the plastic polymers until they are broken into individual molecules.⁣

Don't get us wrong, plastic is an amazing discovery with tons of positive implementation that made a revolution in this world. But since the massive production and the lack of a system to be able to recycle it properly (specially that very few countries do something about this) or to avoid the pollution, is one of the worst epidemics of all times that is creating such a negative impact in planet Earth taking its lifespan to an end.⁣


Making positive impacts by reducing the negative ones is a little harder these days, but we must make an effort, especially within our daily life actions. This is why Ecovida Store offers sustainable and eco friendly products that substitutes one-single use items. We want to help you with your contribution to the planet, giving you easy access to several items of your daily life that can be replaced for more sustainable ones. We kindly invite you to visit the website and take a look at our products for you, to start creating an eco friendly lifestyle.

It is essential for the Planet and our own life that we transform ourselves from being a species that uses up its resources to one that cherishes and nurtures them.

Please refuse use of plastic as much as you can. The health of the planet and yours are in your hand.⁣

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