As an Ocean Lover, I made Freediving my personal and professional career and now after years in this path I have decided to participate in my FIRST Freediving competition that took place in Bali, Indonesia at the end of March 2018.

Achieving the Spanish National Freediving Record (AIDA Ranking) at the discipline: Constant No Fins. 


Competing was not part of my freediving life.

I'm very young and green in this world, just two years ago I got my freediving instructor course and this was the first time after 2 years that I was just focusing in training.

Lots of new discoveries and a whole new door was open into the apnea universe and is just the entrance...

For two months I've trained for the Free Immersion Discipline and only few days before the competition I practice the No Fins discipline (which is the most difficult one for me) and of course I'm lacking on efficiency and technique 😬 (I did my best).
The previous week I was very stressed and I blocked myself mentally and physically. So I decided to start the competition trying to break the shallowest depth and it was the No fins discipline. 

Shaking, tensed, nervous and unfortunately the ocean conditions were rough (some current was hitting), the first day of the comp ended up with a surface black out. The second day with fear and again very very nervous I tried again, with a yellow card. Finally the last day I've got the white card, but I felt that my heart it was going to come out of my chest ! 
Without the pressure of the competition I go deeper and my dives are easier, it is an extremely hard task to overcome the tension and keep calmness plus putting the ego down and have acceptance and flow in a different direction. 
I can't express my gratitude for all the support, love and the energy that everybody put into me. It is the best sensation ever. Ocean love and amazing Human beings, the perfect cocktail!

Special thanks to my life coach Livio Fakeye for his patience, help, advices and being a psychologist during this process. 

To the super professional coach Julia Mouce Dominguez for the excellent guidance and dedication through this crazy, intense but wonderful path! And making myself to believe in me. 

My family, that was cheering me up and giving the strength, the Pilar of my life. Pili Benito IbanezAlvaro Garcia-CastroBalbina LeemingCaty Garcia.

What an honor to receive all the donations and the help from tons of people who believed in me. I will be forever grateful! You made this dream posible. 
My first competition was ultra tough with a magical ending. The initial plan didn't happen but tons was learnt! 
What a ride !!!!! Never giving up ! 
Apnea Bali, my respects ! 
Ocean love 💙 Save the Ocean

Special thanks to:

Albertus Retief, Alberto Monty, Sara Gil, Krys Aranguren, Alejandro Alvarez, Maria del Mar,  Noni Rodriguez Sanchez, Alexis Tauzin, Nicolas Morillo Rodriguez, Cosmi Noguera Torres, Àlex Justribó, Ramiro Garcia, Valen Garcia B, Johanna Jcq, Shmulik Blum, Yvette Bezuidenhout, Armin Mauer, Oscar Merino, Jana Grünewald, Simone Mone, York Hovest, Jonathan Glazer, GoFundMe, Jamie Bozkurt, Sarah Henderson, Isabel Ureta Tarifa, Carrie Skuzeski, Fabrizio Chiesa, Cristina GV, AIDA international, Beth Neale, Shane Tierney, Davide Carrera, Rosa Pulido, Elianne Dipp, Joan Capdevila, Nicoxalo Aixandri de l'Ebre, Inmaculada Llorente.

Spanish freediving record attempt