Instructors at Ibiza, Spain

Diana García Benito

Instructor. Diana Garcia Benito

Many years ago Diana fell in love with freediving on the beautiful Cocos Island in Costa Rica. Now she is in Ibiza to spread the joy. As an experienced Pure Apnea and PADI Freediving Instructor, Submarine Pilot and Oceanographer, she brings a wealth knowledge to each class. And as a qualified Yoga Instructor she is able to blend her understanding of the mind, body and breath to make your experience of freediving wonderful.

She was introduced to freediving in a Mission Blue Trip to Cocos Island, Costa Rica, with Dr. Sylvia Earle, where Hanli Prinsloo was a VIP Guest, a South African freediver with six world records and ocean conservationist She is the founder and CEO if I AM WATER, an acclaimed speaker and coach. She was giving breathing and freediving workshops and Diana attended every time she was off work and got hooked forever in the freediving universe!.

Her Pure Apnea Level 1 happend in Isla de La Plata, Ecuador. During a volunteer work with I am Water Foundation with Hanli Prinsloo and Peter Marshall (former world record holder in the 50-meter backstroke and the 100-meter backstroke) and Ray of Hope Expeditions with Dr. Andrea Marshall the Queen of Mantas!.  

Now, the next step was to continue the training in freediving, so she went to South Africa and Moçambique. Again as part of the I AM WATER Team, Pure Apnea Level 2 was achieved.

During her time in South Africa (several months), she met the founder of Pure Apnea Organization, John Daines and his lovely wife Daniela Daines. The training was tough in a freezing quarry, but the instructors John Daines and the mermaid Beth Neale (the most beautiful soul Diana have ever met and South African Free immersion freediving record holder!) were part of an amazing experience, with professionalism, human warm, helpfulness and love!

Then Level 3 and Instructor Course took place in Bali, Indonesia with the incredible Polish freediver Agata Bogusz (nationals recors holder). After the Instructor course was complete, Diana was offered a job as an instructor at Fusion Freediving & Yoga. She completed the crossover to become a PADI Freediving Instructor, it means Diana gives Pure Apnea and PADI certifications to her students.

During summer time (Jun-Oct), Diana is teaching in Ibiza, Balearic Islands in Spain. Working together, joining forces, skills and knowledge with Tim and his company, True Blue Experiences and DeepChange Project are giving a unique experience to the people in Ibiza.

Prepare yourself to have a stunning journey, don't hesitate to contact us and explore more!

Timotheus Freytag

Instructors. Timotheus Freytag
True Blue Experiences

He is a disciplined & responsible adventure freediver with the AIDA INSTRUCTOR FREEDIVE LEVEL.


Tim is passionate about organising excursions that provide a great experience for all involved.  


Tim first arrived on Ibiza in 1984 and for the last 20 years, he has been exploring the waters around Ibiza, and is now in a position to guide you to the very best and most interesting locations.


Since 2014 Tim has been learning to freedive from three of the worlds best: Umberto Pelizzari, Miguel Lozano and Stephen Keenan.


Tim was born in Berlin in March, 1971. An adventurous free spirit, he was raised in India from a young age and exposed early in life to the spiritual and philosophical traditions that are so much a part of life on the Indian sub-continent. Naturally influenced by these experiences, he developed an interest in various meditation and breathing techniques. Diving into the sea's silence on one long breath is his current meditation.

Tim is the founder of True Blue Experiences. True Blue Experiences has been involved with freediving on Ibiza since 2014. Bringing students to the sport via world class instructors who offer training on Ibiza. True Blue specialises in taking sports persons and freedivers with levels to unique underwater location rich with special features for adventurous fun dives. The founder Timotheus Freytag has the AIDA Instructor Level and has 20 years experience in Ibiza's waters, having first moved to live on Ibiza in 1984. In 2017 True Blue started collaborating with Deep Change Project to further establish the sport of freediving on Ibiza, offering a combination of amazing activities, courses and activities.  

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