Less Waste Makes for a Happy Planet: Simple Guide to Waste-Free Grocery Shopping. #ourChoicesMatter

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There is nothing better than coming home to a fully stocked refrigerator. We love food and could spend days making new and delicious recipes, but in order for us to do this … we have to tackle the ever-dreaded task of going to the grocery store. Some people love food shopping excursions, but between the lines and the ubiquity of plastic containers, bags and wasteful packaging, the grocery store can become a Green Monster’s worst nightmare.

We understand that our food habits have an impact on the planet and animals, so we try to be as mindful as possible when selecting what we eat to decrease our water and carbon footprint. However, we rarely think about the impact that the waste we create in the form of all this packaging causes. Bringing cloth bags for groceries is a great way to reduce the footprint of our food shopping waste, but what about all the other bits and pieces of plastic and packaging that are involved in these weekly treks?

#OurChoicesMatter #CrushPlastic #SaveTheOceans

#CrushPlastic !!! Join the Movement. 5 Ways You Can #CrushPlastic in Your Daily Life (http://www.onegreenplanet.org/crushplastic)

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