Oceanic Global Pannel

So honored to be part of this great Project with Oceanic Global. Supporting the protection of The Oceans and collaborating with everything we can!

The next video has the highlights from our Oceanic x Ibiza panel series with you. Through sharing knowledge, we discover actions and solutions that we can all incorporate into our daily lives to start to becoming more responsible consumers. Tune in as our amazing speakers dive into topics including: traceability and transparency in the fishing and seafood industries, Marine Plastic Pollution and local issues currently facing Ibiza’s ocean.


A huge thank you to the amazing speakers for participating: Susan Cohn Rockefeller, Adrian Grenier, David Saddington, Austin Gallagher, David Katz, David Gamero, Diana Garcia Benito, Jo Ruxton,

Petter Malvik, Sandra Benbeniste Millán, Said Rahiman and Veronica Nunez.

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