A Victory for the Whales in Australia

It took five years but Sea Shepherd Australia finally forced the release of the film the Australian government did not want their own people to see for fear of upsetting relations between Australia and Japan.

Sea Shepherd's opposition to illegal whaling over the years has not only meant fighting with Japan but also battling the government and bureaucracy of Australia which talks about protecting the whales but is more concerned with defending the Japanese.

The Japanese whalers are in contempt of the Australian Federal Court and have been fined a million dollars that they refuse to pay. The Japanese whalers have been condemned by the International Whaling Commission and the International Court of Justice. The ICJ ruled that Japanese whaling operation were not scientific and thus illegal. Japan is defying the ICJ, the IWC, the Australian Federal Court. Despite this the Australian government continues to refrain from condemning with actions this criminal activity.

Here is the footage that the Australian government does not want its people to see.

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