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Important facts you should know before you consume Shrimp

October 13, 2018


- 90% is imported from Asia

- Shrimps are grown in filthy pool farms, full of bacterias, antibiotics, desinfectants, and pesticides (which most of them are banned in the USA)

- The pools are so crowded that shrimps die, increasing the amount of bacterias

- The eyes of the female shrimps are cut out (eye ablation) to make them breed faster as is causes them to develop mature over ease. This causes a traumatic and stressful reaction to the shrimp.

- It harms the environment with pollution and deforestation

- There is slave labor implicated in the shrimp industry. If you consume you support and feed this horrible human trafficking



Sources: @thephuketnews, greenvillagegazette.com, reporterbrazil.org, otherwords.org, @be_amazedxd




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